Please don’t be a dumb-ass

So today I shared a comic on a social media site. I thought it was funny.

Apparently, there are those who thought this comic was glorifying or validating violence. I assure you that, that was far from my feeling. My response to their comment was deleted by them, but i thought it was a pretty good response, so i’ll share it with you here.

This is called symbolism. It is a dramatic representation of the rage some women feel when some men make a dumb ass misogynistic comment. And the fact that these misogynistic comments are thrown at some women numerous times a day and there are NOT numerous men in the street with no eyes and no hands is a testament to the fact that violence IS NOT an acceptable response to verbal assaults – nor should it be a response to a number of actions. But you bring me numbers with the amount of women killed every year in domestic disputes versus the number of men killed annually in domestic disputes and then we’ll talk. Until then – fucking bite me.

So, maybe a little harsh, but this was not my first encounter with this person, and honestly, they deserved it. Anyways…

Note – this response says SOME – not all – some.  Yes, there are many women out there who are total evil bitches (many who get to the good guys and ruin them before the rest of us show up) and there are even more wonderful men who appreciate women for all that they are (in spite of our quirkiness). But sadly, it seems to me that toxic masculinity rears it’s ugly head more often, and certainly in the person who decided to poke the mama bear today. And in this day and age I will not tolerate assholes of any gender. So there. :P

And for those who are wondering, yes, i do like, and even love, men. I find them funny and facsinating, sexy and silly, caring and gentle and strong, helpful and handsome, smart and snuggly. They even often smell amazing (tho like any of us – sometimes not). I like, and even love, women. And all of us in between. And when all of us try to be good people, i like us even better.


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